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I’ve been a fan of the Garnier 7 days intensive range for a while and when I saw the gel-cream on offer in my local supermarket I jumped on it. Available in grape and peach, and boasting the ability to keep your skin moisturised for 7 days (after 4 weeks of applying it twice daily, I found out after investigating the blurb) all in a lightweight, quickly absorbed gel-cream! I had to try it.


The consistency is, as expected, a creamy gel which is lightweight and smooth. It’s easy to blend into the skin and the one I tried (peach) had a pleasant aroma that wasn’t over powering or too strong. It does absorb much quicker than a regular body lotion or butter, as claimed on the packaging. I have been applying it once a day in the morning post-shower and my skin has definitely maintained its normal level of softness (I use a body lotion most days, and have replaced this with the gel-cream for this duration).


– Lightweight and easily absorbed, making it pleasant to use on hot, sticky days when a lotion feels too heavy
– Pleasant scent, definitely not too strong – it wouldn’t overpower your perfume and alone is quite fresh and delicate
– to the same level of moisturising as the regular lotions from this range, so you wouldn’t sacrifice moisturisation for a more lightweight formula

– none in particular.

A nice product, easy to use and good value. I will definitely continue to use this and would re-purchase

Where to buy:
Buy at Asda (£3/250ml or £4.50/400ml)

Buy at Boots (£2.99/£4.99 and also on 3 for 2 mix and match)