Where the Freebies at!?


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I’ve just posted over on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/BBeautyMummy all the current magazine freebies and samples that are floating about right now. 

First stop, moneysavingexpert.com: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/deals/cheap-free-beauty-deals. This has a list of all the magazine freebies including Benefit mini’s in this months Glamour (I got The Porefessional pore minimiser and That Gal primer), and full size Body Shop mascara/eye pencils, Ciate nail polishes and Jemma Kidd eye makeup in various mags. 

That link also links to the Garnier BB Cream sample giveaway – I bought the full-size recently and will be doing a review very soon on it. If you get a sample, please do share how you find it as it would be nice to include different opinions in my review!

Another BB Cream sample giveaway is the L’Oreal Revitalift one, here: http://www.lorealparis.co.uk/minisites/revitaliftbb/ I couldn’t see it on MSE when I checked but of course this could be updated to include it at some point. I’ve sent off for a sample in order to compare it to the Garnier one I already have.

And finally, Half Price Perfumes website has, as always, a wealth of fantastic bargains: http://www.halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/?source=webgains&siteid=11628. These include Elizabeth Arden 8hr lip cream, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, MAC lippies and L’Occitane amongst others! Some great savings on there.

If you’ve spotted a bargain, freebie or giveaway that isn’t included here please leave a comment and I will edit to add it in. 

Happy Shopping (and saving)




Daytime wearable Ombre lips – first attempt


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I’ve become slightly obsessed with the current trend for ombre, or gradiated nails, lips and eyes. It’s such an interesting effect and after having a quick look about at some tutorials I decided to attempt a couple of looks myself. I did a gradiated gold/glitter combo on my toenails. It looks quite pretty but definitely need practice:


And I wanted to try and do a subtle ombre lip, something I could wear day to day without looking too over the top. I came up with this pale lip look, using a creamy pale lip colour on the outside, a mid nude and then a darker natural colour going into the centre. I think it gives quite a natural look and is definitely wearable – I decided to give it a whirl today in the outside world and didn’t get any strange looks:


The colours used were, from outside in, Avon Plumping Lip Conditioner (£6, normally £9) (although a lip conditioner, it does impart a slightly nudey colour on the lips), Avon Ultra Colour Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick (£4.25, normally £8.50) in Nude Perfection and Anew Beauty Youth-Awakening Lipstick Satin Finish (£6.00, normally £10.50) in Glazed Almond. There is a buy 2 for £10 across the Anew range on the Avon website: http://avonshop.co.uk/

My technique was basically to do a rough line round the outside third of my lips in the palest colour, dot the mid-colour on the middle third, moving into the centre part and then use the darkest colour right in the centre of both lips, under the cupids bow. Then, it’s a case of patting the colours together with a clean fingertip until they blend nicely and you don’t have any harsh lines. You can also blend them just by smooshing your lips together a bit. Easy as pie!

Here are the swatched, darkest on the left to lightest on the rightImage

I also tried out a darker, red ombre lip look which you can see as my twitter pic: @bbeautymummy. Like the nails, it needs some work but I’m pleased enough with the nudey/natural attempt to share it on the blog. If you have a go, please share your ombre pics and the products you used with me here or via email (budgetbeautymummy@gmail.com), or twitter.

Despite the use of all Avon products, it just so happens those were the colours I had that were most suitable for the look I was attempting. This is what happens when you have family members who do Avon for a while and you’re the resident family make-up lover – you get given a lot of their stash! I’m not complaining at all, but just to be clear this post is not promoted by Avon.

Happy ombre-ing!



Review – Garnier 7 days intensive gel-cream


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I’ve been a fan of the Garnier 7 days intensive range for a while and when I saw the gel-cream on offer in my local supermarket I jumped on it. Available in grape and peach, and boasting the ability to keep your skin moisturised for 7 days (after 4 weeks of applying it twice daily, I found out after investigating the blurb) all in a lightweight, quickly absorbed gel-cream! I had to try it.


The consistency is, as expected, a creamy gel which is lightweight and smooth. It’s easy to blend into the skin and the one I tried (peach) had a pleasant aroma that wasn’t over powering or too strong. It does absorb much quicker than a regular body lotion or butter, as claimed on the packaging. I have been applying it once a day in the morning post-shower and my skin has definitely maintained its normal level of softness (I use a body lotion most days, and have replaced this with the gel-cream for this duration).


– Lightweight and easily absorbed, making it pleasant to use on hot, sticky days when a lotion feels too heavy
– Pleasant scent, definitely not too strong – it wouldn’t overpower your perfume and alone is quite fresh and delicate
– to the same level of moisturising as the regular lotions from this range, so you wouldn’t sacrifice moisturisation for a more lightweight formula

– none in particular.

A nice product, easy to use and good value. I will definitely continue to use this and would re-purchase

Where to buy:
Buy at Asda (£3/250ml or £4.50/400ml)

Buy at Boots (£2.99/£4.99 and also on 3 for 2 mix and match)



Current Faves!


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I’ve just posted my first ever weekly faves on the sidebar —->. This is a collection of new products I’ve discovered, old favourites and recommendations. Whatever I post here will be tried out for a minimum of 4 weeks by myself before I recommend and obviously, in that time, I have to have fallen in love with it! I will also include a selection of links to UK website where you can purchase what I’m waxing lyrical about and any current special offers I’ve found! I’m not getting paid for this, or promoting a particular website – I’ll just bring you the best offers I can find. 

This time I’ve just went for a few recent discoveries which will probably be the usual format, however I plan to occasionally do themed ones e.g. for a certain look, or certain types of products as well. Suggestions welcome: budgetbeautymummy@gmail.com or leave a comment here on the blog. You can also follow me on Twitter @bbeautymummy.





Quick and easy home manicure 10 minute tute


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This is a very basic manicure tutorial for when all you want to do is tidy up and polish your nails to a salon standard, but don’t have time or any need to do your cuticles etc.

1. Begin with clean nails, removing old polish with your preferred nail polish remover and cotton wool pad.
2. Using an emery board or nail file, gently tidy and shape your nails, filing in one direction only to avoid weakening the nails. I have recently started using a crystal file (mine is from the Barbara Daly makeup range in Tesco) and quite like it. I thought it might be quite tough on my fairly brittle nails but in actual fact I have found it to be more gentle than emery boards, in my opinion. Definitely converted!
3. Gently buff the nails to remove any light ridging. Don’t be too vigorous with this as you don’t want to thin the nail too much, just give the varnish a smooth base. There is no need to use the smoothing part of the buffer if you will be polishing your nails.





4. Paint on your basecoat and allow to dry. I try to use a nourishing or strengthening one to offset the effects of painting my nails frequently.
5. Paint 1-2 coats of your nail colour (I used two coats). I find that even if you get good coverage with one coat, a second coat always gives a better finish.
6. And finally, clean up the edges with a cotton bud dipped in nail varnish and paint on a coat of topcoat to seal your colour and help it last!





A couple of tips to help your manicure last – let it dry properly before you do anything! Plunging your fingertips into ice cold water can help it dry quicker, and I’ve also heard a drop of baby oil on each nail can speed up drying. I generally just let mine dry themselves so can’t vouch for either. Also make sure you don’t have your hands immersed in water for extended periods of time as this is the quickest way to ruin your manicure! So get the marigolds out!

If you smudge your almost dry nails, an effective way to smooth out a wrinkle is to lick your fingertip and smooth the wrinkle out gently – it works!

Happy painting!





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Welcome to the brand new Budget Beauty Mummy blog.

I have created this blog to share my finds, reviews and hints and tips I discover as I go along. I studied beauty therapy before having my family and have had a lifelong interest in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Every time I find a new wonder product or discover something I can’t live without, I want to tell everyone and so, the concept for the blog was born. I know there are a lot of beauty blogs out there but I hope that this one can offer something a little bit different – as a busy mum of three and full time student, I need time saving products that don’t cost a fortune. Hopefully I can share at least some of those on here.

I hope you enjoy the blog and I also have a twitter over at @bbeautymummy. I welcome questions, requests, anything! As a fledgling blog, all input is appreciated! And if you enjoy the post, please don’t be shy in leaving a comment or two.


Beauty Mummy